What an amazing observation. Today was magical. It showed so much; educational progress amongst a range of students,conflict resolution, learning from work that was assessed and handed back. I am still in awe of the deep richness of it all.

CFMS Parent

Parent Co-operative Jobs

This is a listing of co-op jobs that exist. Note that not all jobs are available each year as some people will keep their job from the previous year.


Camping resource (1) *
School Substitute (2) *
Music teacher (1) *
Physical Education Assistant (2)
Lunch hour Assistants (12)


Library Coordinator (1)
  Manages library and assistants
Library Assistants (5)
  Works in library one morning a week
Library Book Processor (1)
  Prepares book donations to be shelved


On-going maintenance/Winterizing/snow removal/outdoor upkeep (2)
Summer Workday Coordinator (1)
  Manages summer workday workers and tasks
Summer Workday Workers (5)
  Repair and upgrade facilities during summer
Housekeeping Coordinator (1)
  Manages cleaning crews, supplies
Weekday Cleaning (1)
  Cleans primary bathroom twice a week
Cleaning Crew (24)
  Cleans school one Saturday per month


Sell Giant/SFW in the morning (1)
  Obtains and sells grocery gift cards to parents
Sally Foster Wrapping Paper Coordinator (1)
  Coordinates all aspects of fundraiser
Citrus Fruit Sales Coordinator (1)
  Coordinates all aspects of fundraiser
SERRV International Coordinator (1)
  Coordinates all aspects of fundraiser
Silent Auction Committee (15)
  Coordinate event, solicit donations, set-up, clean-up
Spring Sing and Social Committee (6)
  Coordinate event, solicit ads, set-up, clean-up

Family Events (3)
  Compiles, edits, and prints newsletter; provides press coverage
Outreach (2)
  Attend events at St. Paul's and surrounding communities


Mailing Assistants (2)
  Compile and stuff mass mailings
Parent Handbook/Phone Card (1)
  Revises and prints handbook, directory, phone card
Board of Directors (8-10)
Co-op Coordinator (1)
  Finds co-op jobs for all parents
Recycling (1)
  Takes school recycling, recycles ink/toner cartridges and cell phones
Occupational Therapy Consultant (1) *
Newsletter (1)
  Compiles, edits, and prints newsletter; provides press coverage
Photographer (1)
  Takes photos of all children, classes and events
Web design/Web Master (1)
Development Committee *
  Works with Director on all fundraising efforts
Family Events (3)
  Coordinate picnics and organize family gatherings
Outreach (2)
  Attend events at St. Paul's and surrounding communities
Co-ordinator of computer services (1)
  Provides IT support to school
Lay-out of Annual Report (1)


Notes: An asterix indicates the position requires CFMS Director approval. Number in brackets indicate total number of parents needed.